An exploratory analysis of Spotify data


Carlos Medina


October 29, 2022


A data visualization curriculum of interactive notebooks using Quarto, Plotly, PowerBi and Google Data Studio. This document was made to be part of my portfolio as a data analyst. For this book I took one of the subjects that I love the most, music; And using the Spotify API and my listening historic data I will explore the many options we have to display data appropriately.

Getting Started

Before showing code and data, I will explain the following points:

  • This document contains multiple Jupyter Notebooks which are available for download in the Github repository.
  • Most of the graphs were created with Plotly to take advantage of its visualization advantages with JS.
  • The pages were made with markdown and rendered with Quarto.

Table of Contents

This document is divided into three sections, in each one I will use a different tool and analyze different sections in the data.

  • Consuming the api: In this section I will show how to consume the Spotify API and plot the data with Plotly.
  • Analyzing my listening patterns: My personal data will be analyzed to see how I listen to music and what are my favorite artists. This seccion will be made with PowerBI.
  • Music trends in south america: In this section I will get data using the API again, but the tool will be Google Data Studio.


  • Python
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Plotly
  • PowerBI
  • Google Data Studio

About me

I am Carlos Medina, I have 10 years of experience in InfoSec and now I am starting with data analysis, you can see all the information on my personal page.